📈Trade Perpetuals


BBOX offers robust trading features for both perpetual markets. The following tutorial shows how you can open your first perp position on BBOX Testnet!

Deposit to BBOX

Now we'll deposit the testnet USDC into BBOX. Once the USDC is sent to the registered wallet, you need to deposit to trade or stake on BBOX. Head to "Manage Balances", you can also get there by clicking the "deposit to start trading" bar on the left.

Enter your desired deposit amount and confirm the transaction. In this case, we deposited 500 USDC for trading.

Placing a Trade

Once successfully deposited, you can open a position via the trading interface on the left.

Trading Side

  • Buy / Long: Profit when the price goes up

  • Sell / Short: Profit when the price goes down

Order Type

  • Market - buy or sell immediately at the current price without waiting for a specific price.

Please note - Only market order is provided for the private testnet

Order Size

  • You can enter an ETH size, USD value, or slide the buying power toggle to specify an order size.

Closing a Position

  • To close a position, you can either open a reverse position or use the Close position icon at the bottom.

Closing the entire position

  • Click "Close position" at the bottom right corner, or open a reverse position of the same size.

Closing a portion of the position

  • You can also close a portion of the position by opening a partial reverse position. For example: To close half of the 1 ETH long position, you can short 0.5 ETH to do so.

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