🚰Get test tokens from faucet


Here's a quick tutorial for getting funds to BBOX Testnet

There are three steps:

  1. Get ETH on Linea Goerli Testnet.

  2. Mint USDC on BBOX Faucet.

  3. Deposit the minted USDC on Vertex.

We will cover each of them below.

Step 1: Get ETH for Linea Goerli Testnet

Use a Linea faucet​

If you want to drip Goerli ETH directly to Linea testnet, the following faucets are available. Note that you will need to enter your actual address — ENS names will not work.

If you want more ETH than the daily allotted amount or run into trouble with the above faucets, you can also bridge ETH to Linea. Note that you'll need to get test ETH on Goerli in order to do so.

If you want to drip other tokens, you can find the multi-token Linea faucet here, which lists the different tokens you can add to your wallet on the Goerli and Linea Goerli testnet.

Step 2: Mint USDC on BBOX Faucet

On the top of the trading page is a faucet for you to mint USDC to be deposited into BBOX for trading. For this step, you need to connect to BBOX using the whitelisted address and make sure you are on Linea Goerli Testnet.

Head to BBOX Faucet; please note the faucet mints tokens ONLY. It DOES NOT deposit the USDC into BBOX, and you can claim 1000 USDC per day.

Step 3: Deposit the USDC to BBOX

Now we'll deposit the testnet USDC into BBOX. Once the USDC is sent to the registered wallet, you need to deposit to trade or stake on BBOX. Head to "Manage Balances", you can also get there by clicking the "deposit to start trading" bar on the left.

Enter your desired deposit amount and confirm the transaction. In this case, we deposited 500 USDC for trading.

Now you are ready for some paper trading!

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