🏦Stake to BBOX

Deposit for LP

First, we'll deposit the testnet USDC for staking on BBOX. Once the USDC is sent to the registered wallet, you need to deposit to trade or stake on BBOX. Head to "Manage Balances", you can also get there by clicking the "deposit to start trading" bar in the middle.

Enter your desired deposit amount and confirm the transaction. In this case, we deposited 500 USDC for staking.

Add Liquidity to ETH/USDC Pool

Once successfully deposited, you can add liquidity to the ETH-USDC pool.

Liquidity Type

  • Static: Traditional Virtual CLMM LP

  • Dynamic: BBOX will offer innovative signal-driven liquidity starting in Phase 2 of the Priavte Testnet.

Price Range

  • The range of prices within which a trader is willing to provide liquidity by placing orders. This range is determined by the trader and can vary based on your trading strategy and market conditions.

Staking Size

  • When depositing funds, make sure you are within the maximum buying power.

Check Liquidity Positions

After adding liquidities, you may check your positions under the staking page and select the ETH/USDC pool.

Both Static and Dynamic positions are shown on the same page.

Close a position

To remove a position, you need to click the "remove" icon at the top right of the position tap, and 100% of the liquidity amount will be removed.

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